Mike founded Stone & Associates 18 years ago, after nearly 10 years as a managing consultant at Telesis, the strategic consulting arm of Towers Perrin. His client experience in research and strategy development projects spans Fortune 500 companies, small industrial firms, and government/non-profit organizations that serve manufacturing companies.

Mike has developed extensive insight into small to mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) over the course of his career based on a breadth of experience that encompasses assessing/interviewing suppliers of multinational corporations to researching the needs and behavior of SMMs in dozens of major projects for the US Department of Commerce*.

Seven years ago, he helped the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership program to develop ExporTech™ — an innovative export assistance program that has been highly successful in assisting hundreds of SMMs to enter or expand in global markets. As one of the program’s leaders, master facilitators and content developers, he has collaborated with export assistance organizations (USEACs, state trade offices, district export councils, SBDCs, etc.) across 25 states. Because of his ExporTech experience and studies he has conducted of SMMs who are successful in global markets, Mike was commissioned to write a research paper on export assistance and has been invited to present at export-related conferences and webinars.

In another example of leveraging his private sector knowledge for non-profit and government clients, Mike has been instrumental in major initiatives for The Clinton Foundation. By leading a team that developed production process cost models, he helped the Foundation forge a landmark agreement with leading generic pharmaceutical companies to reduce the price of HIV/AIDs drugs for developing nations. He also helped the Foundation’s Climate Change Initiative to develop partnerships with suppliers of energy-efficient/green technologies to advance adoption of green products in 40 large global cities (the C40).

Mike leads all of Stone & Associates’ engagements and has become a trusted advisor to many repeat clients who appreciate his broad experience in strategy formulation, his dogged determination to provide maximum value, and his affable nature (which almost makes up for his obsessive attention to detail).

* Department of Commerce: NIST/MEP (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Extension Partnership) and the Commercial Service

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