Projects related to: Market Assessment and Competitive Strategy

Evaluation of New Market, Product, or Growth Opportunities

  • Business Development — Open Ocean Aquaculture
    Investigated viability of establishing an open ocean aquaculture operation in the U.S., in general, and in the Gulf of Maine.
  • New Market Development – Metal Fabrication Company
    Identified new market opportunities that match existing capabilities.
  • OEM Market Assessment – Glass Product Manufacturer
    Determined the size of the market opportunity of OEM pressed and blow glassware.
Assessment of Competitor Strategies

  • Business Strategy Development – Major Appliance Manufacturer
    Developed a detailed cost model comparing client’s cost position to a major competitor’s; analyzed competitor’s go-to-market approach and price realization; and offered strategic recommendations on product and market strategy.
  • Business Strategy Development – Specialty Glass Manufacturer
    Evaluated client investment plans based on an analysis of cost position versus a key Japanese competitor. Project included over 25 interviews in Japan with equipment and components suppliers. Results confirmed client’s cost advantage; subsequent investment led to market leadership and rapid growth.
  • Marketing Strategy – Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer
    Developed strategic recommendations for combating aggressive new competitor. Analysis of the market and competition was based on customer interviews, phone surveys, and interviews with the client’s field sales force.
  • Competitive Assessment – Plastic Products Manufacturer
    Performed a detailed analysis that compared client’s unit cost to a key competitor, and evaluated the potential acquisition of the competitor analyzed.
  • Strategic Analysis of Competitor Costs – multiple
    Assisted Fortune 1000 manufacturing clients in the development of business and manufacturing strategies, based on detailed cost analysis/modeling that compared client and competitor cost positions.
Customer or Market Research

  • Market and Competitive Research – Metal Component Supplier
    Conducted market assessment to understand customer process for evaluation and selection of suppliers.
  • European Market Strategy Based on Logistics – Major Appliance Manufacturer
    Developed market segmentation framework based on European customers’ logistics requirements.
Overall Business or Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy – Spring and Wire Manufacturer
    Helped client develop a strategic marketing plan that included near term goals; growth strategies for each major product line; refined value propositions and differentiators; and a prioritization of marketing initiatives and investments.
  • Strategy Development – Leading Safety Products Manufacturer
    Developed strategy against imported products, based on an assessment of competitive position, research on the market and industry trends, and profitability modeling of strategic options.
  • Market Assessment and Strategy Development – Telecommunications Equipment Distributor
    Assessed viable strategies for a newly acquired unit of a Fortune 50 company, based on research and analysis of market and competitors.
  • Evaluation of Joint Venture Partners – Telecommunications Product Manufacturer
    Evaluated strengths, weaknesses and long-term competitive position of prospective partners, to determine whether they met the requirements for success in European and developing country markets.

Note: Includes M. Stone consulting experience prior to Stone & Associates. Client names are confidential.