What is this service offering?

We contribute to program strategy development and performance improvement

Who might need this?

Government agencies and non-profit economic development organizations concerned with business growth, retention, and competitiveness

How do we do this? What deliverables might we provide?
Strategic Advisory
We help organizations to assess the implications of data or analysis on strategy development to ensure that critical decisions are rooted in concrete intelligence about client and stakeholder needs, performance metrics, and organizational economics.
Client Segmentation Map / Targeting Strategy
We develop a map that defines meaningful client segments and describes them in terms of size and growth; drivers and trends; priority assistance needs; purchasing behavior; and the landscape of public and private assistance providers that serve them.

This segmentation allows organizations to make strategic choices, such as:

  • Prioritizing or targeting client segments based on explicit evaluation criteria (focus of resources)
  • Matching services and programs to client needs, or focusing on unmet needs or gaps where government and non-profit organization support is necessary to unlock opportunities (because private sector alternatives fall short)
  • Developing segment-specific outreach, selling, marketing, and branding strategies.
Strategic Facilitation
Based on years of experience in facilitating collaborative processes that yield valuable insights, innovative thinking, and effective decision-making, we offer customized and structured strategic thinking support.
Strategic Research and Analysis
We provide concrete intelligence and analysis of client and stakeholder needs, performance metrics, and organizational economics, which contribute to strategy development. Examples include interviews with clients, partners, or stakeholder groups to gain meaningful feedback and insights; analysis and synthesis of client-generated performance data or reports; and construction of economic or cost models.
Why Stone & Associates?

Most consulting firms tend to focus on either public sector or private sector clientele. Our expertise in both worlds allows us to leverage our business experience to assist government and nonprofit organizations to better understand and serve their clients: manufacturers or product companies.

Project Examples
  • Market Research and Analysis of SME Manufacturing Companies (NIST MEP)
  • Partnerships Program Strategy (ITA)
  • Regional Market Analysis, Planning and Targeting Strategy for MEP Centers
  • Market Strategy for New Branded Service (NIST MEP)
  • Business Model Analysis (NIST MEP)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Small Business Assistance Partnerships (NIST MEP)
  • Brand Strategy (NIST MEP)
  • Non-Profit Revenue Generation Workshop
More Details
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