What is this service offering?

We determine the impact on cost or profitability of strategic decisions, and we estimate relative cost position versus competitors

Who might need this service?

Manufacturing and product companies that want to assess the cost or profit impact of strategic decisions, as well as public/non-profit organizations that want to analyze or influence the costs of critical products or supply chains (e.g. health products they procure or fund)

How do we do this? What deliverables might we provide?
Evaluation of Alternative Business Strategies
Critical Decisions
Procurement Strategies
Competitive Cost Assessment
Why Stone & Associates?

Few firms have our depth of experience in estimating costs external to a company (such as competitor, customer, supplier or supply chain), which are often critical to evaluate strategic decisions or gain insights on economic drivers of industry players.

We are particularly experienced at estimating competitor costs. To develop estimates of costs external to a company requires an understanding of fundamental cost drivers and an ability to configure cost models around them.

Project Examples